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OneLedger - the One Step to launch dApps cross-chain

Hello everybody, I am back with another ICO review, this time I am reviewing OneLedger.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice.


OneLedger is meant to be an interoperable blockchain, focused on corporate applications., with a master smart contract written in all major languages to be able to function cross-chain, i.e. use One Ledger to use all of the ledgers :-) Unlike other crosschain platforms (Polkadot, Cosmos, Block Collider etc.), OneLedger seems to be focused on corporate clients, which can access the benefits of blockchain more easily.


The main aspects of OneLedger’s tech are the following:

  • Cross-ledger, blockchain agnostic protocol, based on sidechains - transactions are credited off the main chain to enable scalability.
  • Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus - validators vote on transactions, 2/3rds of votes on the sidechain broadcast the result to the...

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Arweave - permanent immutable decentralized storage


Hi crypto community. I am going to cover yet another exciting project.

Arweave is a decentralized data storage and sharing platform, comparable to Filecoin, MaidSafe, Storj, Sia and IPFS.



Some of the cool features Arweave is offering are the following:

  • mainnet - just after ICO - right now coming up in 13 days. Compare that to Filecoin, which has been announced long time ago, but still has no product. Testnet has been in place for quite some time.

  • wide usecases - one of the most versatile projects around there. Decentralized legal docs storage, file sharing, medical records (which do not need their own chain like some projects are trying to do), elections can be done on Arweave, dApp building

  • relevant partnerships - Charite, a large European hospital, has already partnered with Arweave, signaling competence of the team

  • censorship resistant...

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Quarkchain: Overview of Reviews

Disclaimer: I am not certified financial advisor, and this is not financial advice.

Quarkchain… the new, scalable, two layer & reshardable blockchain everyone is talking about!

The website and whitepaper got me interested. I first did my own research.
You should also DYOR. After you do it, you might find the below useful. I aggregated research results of major reviewers I could find.


The links to the reviews are here:
Hacked | OhHeyMatty | TheGobOne | CrushCrypto | CoinGecko | CoinMarketData | Sergio | Liu | Crypto Briefing | ICO Reports | Wolf Crypto

An outstanding score of over 90%.

Overall, the reviewers love Quarkchain, with an average score of over 90%.
Often it is the project number 1 in their lists. What they usually like is:

*type of project — own blockchain attempting to store scalability, which also makes token economics great.

*team — academicians & practitioners...

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