Quarkchain: Overview of Reviews

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Quarkchain… the new, scalable, two layer & reshardable blockchain everyone is talking about!

The website and whitepaper got me interested. I first did my own research.
You should also #DYOR. After you do it, you might find the below useful. I aggregated research results of major reviewers I could find.


The links to the reviews are here:
Hacked | OhHeyMatty | TheGobOne | CrushCrypto | CoinGecko | CoinMarketData | Sergio | Liu | Crypto Briefing | ICO Reports | Wolf Crypto

An outstanding score of over 90%.

Overall, the reviewers love Quarkchain, with an average score of over 90%.
Often it is the project number #1 in their lists. What they usually like is:

*type of project — own blockchain attempting to store scalability, which also makes token economics great.

*team — academicians & practitioners, some relevant experience
potential usecase of scalable & decentralized blockchain

*use case - almost unlimited due to good balance between security & scalability

Some reviewers (e.g. OhHeyMatty) point out some yellow flags, mostly related to the yet unreleased Github. Hopefully Quarkchain can address these soon. Personally, I like how they handle the ICO (e.g., do not go for the oldschool gas war, do not have “presale” etc.)

Overall, it looks great! Quarkchain is a project I will definitely keep my eye on!


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